What Will A World Without Feminism Look Like?

3 things that would have happened if the suffragette movement lost

Adaeze Sherleen Ilo
7 min readJun 18, 2021


Image by Claudio_Scott from Pixabay

Yesssss!! Yess! I said it. I knew he was going to win, oh God, yes!!”

Bena rolled her eyes at the noise her brother and dad were making in the living room. Didn't they know they were distracting her?

She tried to return her focus to the yams she was peeling, but the beads of sweat rolling down her forehead, spilling down into her eyes, were a sign of something more troubling.

Hey B! Joe won, he won. I told you, eh? Woohoo!! Anyway, what's for dinner?” Uwa said as he made his way into the kitchen, hovering over his sister, standing at an impressive 6ft tall. Bena could feel his breath blowing hot down her neck, and she was irritated even more.

Get off Uwa! I don’t know why you won't let us rest in this house,” retorted Bena as she shifted her body away from him. “You know a woman would have run things better. Men have been leading this country for hundreds of years, and yet what has that fetched us?”

Benaaa!!” gasped a shocked Mrs. Frimpong, “Stop this foolish talk at once. You know we don't entertain such talk in this house. We all know the rightful place of a woman, and it's not in our place to run a country.”

Mrs. Frimpong didn't waste time pulling her daughter in line. Bena had been saying crazy things lately, and it was beginning to worry her. Perhaps it was her age. But still, she better keep her eye on this one. If not such talk will not be entertained by the special guests coming to see them in two weeks.

Mrs. Frimpong turned her focus to Uwa, “Please leave us. Food will be ready in a bit. Let us women focus.” She smiled knowingly at her son as he reached for the apple in the woven basket on the counter before strolling back to the lounge.

The sun had set, and Bena had just finished clearing up the plates used for dinner. Now some respite was in sight.

She couldn't bear the thought of spending one more minute in the company of her obnoxious brother and father and her docile mum. At dinner, all they could talk about was the newly elected Joe Biden and the abysmal failure of Kamala Harris at her…



Adaeze Sherleen Ilo

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