Are long-term relationships becoming a thing of the past?

At the age of twenty-five, I quickly realized that it takes more than good looks, a good heart, and having pure intentions to make a relationship start, talk less of lasting.

Now I'm two years older, my views still haven't changed.

This sentiment came knocking hard on my frontal cortex…

How to deal with the unexpected loss of a relationship

I looked out into the fields as they passed by in succession on my way to work one morning. I sat by the window on the Thameslink line train — a journey that is long and full of drudgery. …

Lessons of letting go, guilt, grief, and my ultimate freedom

I had thought about it for days, giving clues with my body language rather than my words of what was to come; A sigh here, a weary look there, a fake smile, a downcast glance, and it got his attention. I mumbled sentences and made them vague when he asked…

Knowing these three things could save you from financial ruin

We live in times where millennials have a lower chance of owning property than previous generations. …

Black women deserve to be loved too

What is it with black women, and why won’t people leave us alone? Not only do we have to face the unfavorable statistics that tell us we are the least likely to get married out of other racial groups, the least desirable of all women in the dating pool, but…

The honeymoon phase won’t last forever.

Disney and its slew of romantic cartoons did a number on us growing up, especially women — ‘And they all lived happily ever after.’ Who could forget that one? And Hollywood with its stereotypes and romanticization of toxic relationships — cue Mr. …

And why we should be more forgiving of them.

I grew up hearing the popular phrase, ‘Never say never,’ and I was certain there were some things I would never do.

There was a time I was sure I would never smoke, never compromise, never let a man walk all over me — But there I was in certain…

3 things that would have happened if the suffragette movement lost

Yesssss!! Yess! I said it. I knew he was going to win, oh God, yes!!”

Bena rolled her eyes at the noise her brother and dad were making in the living room. Didn't they know they were distracting her?

She tried to return her focus to the yams she was…

A tale of hope

*Disclaimer* The storyline is set in Nigeria, and so has elements of the pidgin English slang.

It was 3:30 pm and Lukeman was drenched in his own sweat. The damn sun hadn’t set yet? He hissed as he scanned the traffic for potential customers. …

Single and ready to mingle!!

It used to be all so simple.

Or maybe we say that because we look at the past with rose-colored glasses.

But still, it used to be simple.

There was once a time when life was linear, and we found comfort in its routines and the ease of transitions.


Adaeze Sherleen Ilo

Adaeze is a young lady who recently embraced her writing super powers. Now she writes to make up for lost time.

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